LSI Battery Battery BU For 9650SE


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- for 3ware 9650SE/9550SX/9550SXU/9590SE SATA II HW RAID Controllers.

Maximum reliability with cached write data protection
- Secondary Power Loss Support
Safeguards data against power interrupts during system resumption

- Missing Array Detection
Eliminates silent data loss by retaining unwritten data until user intervention

- Write Journaling
Uses and protects drive write cache for unmatched data protection and maximum performance

- Dynamic Sector Repair
Increased drive reliability with on-the-fly correction of drive media errors

- Drive Power-On Reset Detection
Enhances data protection by degrading a drive that may have lost data during transient power reset

- Extensive Drive Timeout Recovery
Maximizes drive error recovery with intelligent timeout algorithm

- Out of Band Signaling Retry
Ensures drive health during power-up with enhanced drive detection

Battery technology: Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion)
Compatible products: 3ware 9650SE/9550SX/9550SXU/9590SE
Battery voltage: 3.7 V