Conbrio Technology is a complete Technology Manufacturer and Distributor of Hardware, Software and Installation Services. Due to our capabilities and product relationships we can provide a unique range of IT, Network, Security, Printing, Video and Imaging Solutions. To fully understand why we are unique check out our company's history which helps explain the range of business that make up Conbrio Technology. Each business unit can compete in its marketplace against other solutions however if you leverage our complete capability we can do things no one else can.


Conbrio Print

Iniste Print brings Northland, Auckland, Waikato, Bay of Plenty, Taranaki Manawatu and Wellington businesses leading edge Printing Solutions. Alongside our partners
we can and do support Printing Solutions across New Zealand. We specialise in Canon, Konica Minolta, Brother, HP and also work with other leading print
brands to ensure that your requirements are met.  We’re experts at putting together the equipment, training and ongoing service so your business can grow in this thriving economy. From printing everyday office documents, professional proposals, large plans to specialist Sign Printing we’d love to talk to you.

Classroom Technology

Insite's specialist procurement team is focused on bringing unique product to market and creating supply chain solutions that we can assist your school with Equipment and gives us different products to bring into the marketplace.

Insite provides leading edge ways to teach the digital curriculum such as Interactive Panels, 3D Printing and Robotics and Virtual Reality as well as traditional student devices such as Chromebooks and Laptops

The Ark

Since 1995 The Ark has focused on helping New Zealand children to get their hands on keyboards, providing the means for them to learn to use technology. As we all know, technology skills are critical to our children's future success, however limited funds can mean schools will not have enough computers for all the educational activities they wish to provide their students.

The Ark works with New Zealand Businesses to utilize the computers that have reached the end of their useful life within the companies. We then refurbish them to provide cost effective computing resources.