HP StorageWorks4000 Mprot router FC Bri

HP StorageWorks4000 Mprot router FC Bri


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For many organizations, the storage infrastructure has evolved into a set of multiple disconnected SAN islands increasing complexity and costs. The HP StorageWorks 400 Multi-Protocol Router enables organizations to derive more value from the SAN infrastructure by providing the ability to connect SAN islands and share resources, without the risk and complexity of merging them into a single large fabric, both for FCIP and native Fibre Channel connectivity. The resulting modular SAN design provides a more scalable, flexible and stable infrastructure that is not limited by distance, maximizing the business value of the SAN infrastructure. The HP 400 MP-Router provides two types of SAN Services: (1) FC-FC Subnet Routing Service for SAN island consolidation and (2) FCIP Tunneling Service for SAN extension over distance. These services provide new options for connecting SAN islands and extending SAN benefits over multiple networks, to larger SAN sizes, and across longer distances.

• Reduces the cost and effort of SAN design, implementation and management: Many organizations have implemented multiple SAN islands increasing costs and complexity. With the HP 400 MPR users can connect SANs, and share resources for greater asset utilization, improved operational flexibility, and more effective management of the SAN environment.

• Non-disruptive integration to the SAN environment: During deployment, the router can be added non-disruptively to the SAN environment. Users can integrate SAN islands with current addressing scheme minimizing downtime, risks, and costs. Once installed, the HP router supports faster, easier topology changes enabling organizations to reduce costs, and increase productivity.